YouTube Star Toby Turner Accused Of Sexual Assault

One of YouTube’s biggest celebrities, Toby Turner, better known by his alias Tobuscus, is the latest in a growing list of celebrities whom have been accused of sexual abuse. His ex-girlfriend April Fletcher turned to social media to accuse him of inappropriate behavior in the past. Social media is sure not doing any favors for men accused as rapists, now, is it?

A “real man” wouldn’t need to use force to keep a girlfriend in the first place!

As seen in the below screenshot of her statement , Fletcher claimed that Turner had cheated on her, emotionally blackmailed her into continuing a relationship she wanted to leave, and drugged her, among other offenses.

To back up her claims, Fletcher had saved an alleged screenshot detailing Turner confessing to have drugged her.

Of course, there are two sides to a story. Turner’s mother and Olga Kay, the girlfriend mentioned throughout Fletcher’s text, have denied any knowledge of abuse that they would have been made aware of.

On the other hand, others claim that horror stories concerning Turner are slowly becoming the internet’s worst-kept secrets.

And of course, the man of the hour is entitled to have his say about what happened. Turner released the following video discussing and denying the allegations, and titled it “The Truth.”

Walmart has also reportedly taken dolls and merchandise related to Turner off of their shelves. Ironcially, Fletcher claims seeing a doll of Turner being sold to children was what inspired her to come forward with her story, saying “I wanted to run up to the cashier and tell her that they are selling a drug addict rapist to children. They are selling a sexual predator and don’t even know it.


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