You Might Just Get Money From Facebook

Do you need money? Do you waste your ever-decreasing life stalking your high-school bullies on Facebook to see if they got fat and/or nor waste their time playing Candy Crush? Well, do we have good news for you!

Facebook is considering allowing their patrons to make money off the site! Finally, my dreams of escaping my step-family once and for all will come to fruition… I wasn’t joking about having to sleep in the kitchen…

Or at least just some free Hit It Rich tokens, just saying…

Reportedly, Facebook is toying with a variety of new and exciting ideas that will line your pockets. One is said to be sort of a “tip jar.” In other words, Facebook, 2013 called and they want their Patreon back. Another idea is called the “sponsor marketplace,” which will allow users to take a cut from the advertising revenue. So basically, Slant News, before they shut down.

Me thinks Facebook is concerned about going the way of the MySpace.

For whom the bell tolls…the bell tolls for thee…

A full list of the options, provided by The Verge, can be seen below.

The idea has been supported by the fact that Facebook has slowly started allowing their users ways to save money. For example, those daily free boosters on Candy Crush, or how you can earn free tokens by watching commercial videos on Hit It Rich. Right now, only advertisers have been allowed to make money from the site, as in those aforementioned commercial videos. But now the shoe is on the other foot… kind of.

If this does work out, then this might mean tighter restrictions on the site. For one, you probably have to prove that the people you are friends with are actually your friends in real life. Second of all, they probably will come down harder on all those sock-puppet accounts running around. So, you should probably stop using cartoon characters for your profile picture.


And yet…it’s like looking in a mirror…

On the other hand, it is all just speculation. It might not happen, and if it does, it could just end up being on a trial basis. That said, a lot of people need money and have limited ways of getting it, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Though if luck worked that way. you could just wish for a job or the money upfront.

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