You Can Vote In This Year’s Annual “Twilight Zone” Marathon

It just isn’t New Years without a Twilight Zone marathon, but this time around there is going to be a twist: viewers can vote for their favorite episode.

Remember not to screw over June Foray’s evil twin in your voting…or you be dead.

While SyFy has made it a tradition to air a marathon of the infamous Rod Serling series for years, this will be the first time you can actually vote for your favorite episode. According to a released statement, “Starting at 7:30/6:30c, viewers can cast their votes for one of two competing episodes by tweeting the specially created episode hashtags to the official Syfy handle, @Syfy. In all, 12 episodes will be in contention for 6 slots, with the winning episodes airing immediately following a 15-minute voting window.”

And maybe give Lil” Anthony a vote or two…he’s been such a good boy this year.

The marathon will begin this Saturday with the 1983 film, “Twilight Zone — The Movie,” before getting into the voting the following Sunday, the final day of 2016.

And if anyone wants to ask if this is the show with all those creepy paintings…you’re thinking of “Night Gallery.”


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