You Can Now Stream “Unsolved Mysteries” Episodes

The classic reality-esque series “Unsolved Mysteries,” which I think was broadcast to bring awareness to missing people cases, but took a wild turn somewhere along the line and became all about Aliens before the History Channel hopped on that bandwagon, is making a triumphant return this holiday season.

You know he used to be a teen idol in the Thirties…makes me wonder what’s gonna happen to Justin Bieber in a few years…

While the version of the series that currently airs on American television has late character actor Dennis Farina as the host, despite using footage from older episodes, it is believed that the episodes featured in the promotion will be ones using the infamously scary Robert Stack. It’s unclear which episodes will be available for streaming on  both Netflix and Amazon, but the whole ordeal is especially notable as even YouTube has had issues with the uploaded episodes.

I know a lot of people would want to see the Tallman house episode, and I would be more than happy to oblige… but I can’t upload it as a reference due to the aforementioned fact that there are a lot of legal issues with uploading the episodes online.

I’ve never seen it myself, but heavens does it seem scary.

We’re pleased to be releasing this celebrated series to a large audience of fans both old and new,” said Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise, who is behind the promotion. “‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is an American tradition that FilmRise is excited to preserve.” Reportedly, the deal was negotiated in part between Fisher and FilmRise’s VP of Acquisitions Max Einhorn with Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. Maybe getting to the bottom of this deal to bring this show back is going to be another… unsolved mystery…

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