Woman Blames Her Dog For Car Crash

Pets can be great companions, but sometimes they just get in the way… especially if they’re cats. Sometimes they even get blamed for accidents. After a Florida woman, who faces DUI charges, crashed her car into an apartment building, she told police her dog was to blame and should be arrested instead of her. It’s safe to say her plan didn’t work. Wonder why.


Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux was stopped by police last week after she left the scene of the crime. Officers said she smelled like alcohol and acted confused when they found her in her apartment.

Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux wanted police to arrest her dog.

How the hell did you find me?

While Lamoreaux did confess to being behind the wheel during the crash, she claimed her dog was the one who caused the crash. After she refused to take a sobriety test and resisted arrest, she was jailed.

This isn’t the first time a pet has been blamed for a car crash. Sometimes, a dog wants to drive and takes the steering wheel. Other times the driver may get scared by a parrot who loves coffee. And in some rare cases accidents can be caused by cats who wants to be in the road.

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