‘The Wind Rises’ will be Hayao Miyazaki’s final film

Hayao Miyazaki is undoubtedly one of the greatest animators of all time. His genius has brought us some of the most memorable animations ever to grace the silver screen. If you’ve seen My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle then you’re already familiar with some of Miyazaki’s brilliant creations. He’s won numerous awards for his films and has influenced other directors, animators, artists and even video game designers. To say he’s one of the greats simply doesn’t do him justice. His career has spanned six decades and his films incorporate a central theme of humanity’s relationship with nature and the constant drive for technological progress as opposed to maintaining simpler methods.

His latest and final film makes this theme extremely evident. In an interview with Miyazaki stated

“I really felt that this was the maximum that I could give to produce an animated film,” he said. “The work of animation is building up bricks and mortar, bricks and mortar. I felt I wouldn’t be able to put [up] another brick.”

It’s very unfortunate that Miyazaki will no longer be sharing his genius with the world via his imaginative and capturing animations, but where one legend ends another begins and someone is bound to pick up where he left off and recapture our minds, hearts and imaginations.

Here’s to you, Hayao Miyazaki. Thank you for everything.

Story Source: Buzzfeed
Featured Image Source: Ghibliworld

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