Canadian Tap Water Turns Pink, Joker Not To Blame

In the story of Moses, told oh-so long ago, God transformed the waters of the Nile river into human blood to put the wicked Pharaoh in his place. Whomever was involved in a similar stunt that occurred in Onoway, Canada, decided to be a little bit artsy about the situation and turned local waters neon pink.

And just like in a classic horror story, it’s coming into the houses! Just see for yourself!

It’s tempting to think the Powers that Be are finally punishing Canada for its sins, but not too much because this is Canada, after all, and they don’t do much evil. Plus, there is a perfectly mundane explanation for all this.

We are still assessing what exactly happened but it appears a valve may have stuck allowing the potassium permanganate to get into our sump reservoir and thereby into the Town’s water distribution system,” said Onoway Mayor Dale Krasnow in a released statement. Mayor Krasnow added that “all indications are that there was never a public health risk.”

Potassium permanganate is a substance that’s added by water treatment facilities particularly early in their process, according to the EPA, which I’m not sure we can believe because of their new leader. While it can be toxic at high concentrations, the levels of the disinfectant found in the water were, as aforementioned, not high enough to worry about.

That said, people who have bathed in it claim to find brown staining on skin.

According to reports, the water has mostly cleared up, but it is possible that the pink water can be still found within some areas. Residents affected are advised to run their water until the pink hue is diluted. As mentioned in the title the Joker is not responsible for the pink water. His would likely be green and half of Canada would be dead by now since the Brampton Batman revealed his secret identity, thus making it easier for criminals to do criminal things.


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