Warner Bros. To Make A Dante’s Inferno Movie

Remember that crazy story you had to read in high school that was probably one of the better things you read? No? Okay, well Warner Bros. purchased the rights to a Dante’s Inferno screenplay written by Dwain Worrell. Don’t remember what it’s about? In short, Dante (not the badass from Devil Mat Cry) makes his way through the nine circles of Hell to save the woman he loves. Spoiler alert: Hell is frozen over. Some of you might be excited about Dante’s Inferno getting a film adaption, but the real story here is about Worrell.

Many of you probably have no idea who he is, and to fair I didn’t either until I did my due diligence. While Worrell was living in China he was working on a certain project called The Wall, which is about an American and an Iraqi sniper who engage in a battle of wits, as the American sharpshooter tries to wriggle his way out from behind a small slab of concrete that his Iraqi counterpart has him pinned behind. Naturally, it’s tough to get any pitch seen by big executives, but Worrell managed to get Amazon Studios on board and bam. He’s now the proud father of a thriller with a $5 million budget. This led him to work on a few more projects and eventually got him noticed by the big boys. Worrell spoke about his achievement with Amazon Studios in an interview with Screencraft.

“I’ve probably written over ten scripts easily. Most of them are in the trash or lost in some computer file. So I’ve written a lot before I had this success. Although two of the scripts that I had written before this have been produced, which is kind of cool, but nothing on this scale.”

Now that he’ll be working with Warner Bros. I’m sure his scale has changed quite a bit, but his attitude towards his profession probably hasn’t. In fact, he had some brilliant advice for aspiring writers in that aforementioned interview.

“you have to write to be a writer, and keep writing. Make writing your job. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you’re a writer, because for a very long time I would never say it. I was kind of embarrassed because the next question would be, “What have you written?” And I hadn’t really written anything, I didn’t have anything on my resume. Don’t be shy about telling people you’re a writer, and keep writing.”

Let that be a lesson to everyone out there who doesn’t think they can achieve their goals. You could be an interpreter in China tossing your scripts in the trash, and one day you might just send one of those off to a studio and find yourself some work.



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