Want To Crush Things In A Tank With Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Ever hear of Omaze?
Well the lads over there came up with a very creative way to help raise money for charity. Instead of your usual candy bar drives they decided to do something awesome. By making a donation you’re automatically entered to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ranging from meeting celebrities/athletes to crushing things in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes you read that correctly.

Unfortunately I stumbled upon this very late and the contest is going to end tomorrow, but that leaves you just enough time to sign up for the chance to hang out with Arnie! And if you don’t make it in time for this contest don’t despair. There are plenty of other great opportunities out there and your donations are going to a good cause so it’s really a win-win…especially if you win the contest! And what’s that cause you ask? Well most of the money goes to After-School All-Stars, which helps fund after school fitness programs.

So if you need any more incentive to sign up just check out this video of Arnie crushing things in a tank. And subscribe to his YouTube channel. He has some hilarious videos!

Story Source: Techcrunch
Featured Image Source: Metro.co.uk

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