Virgin Galactic Take To Outer Space In High Fashion

Leave it to Richard Branson and one of his Virgin enterprises to team up with a world class fashion designer and make the most boss spacesuit ever.

I mean, can you blame him? If you have your own spaceship fleet then you can surely spring for some kick ass spacesuits to go with it. Next month Virgin Galactic will be propping up their starfleet with a new spaceship and plan to unveil the ship at some fancy event that will be attended by Stephen Hawking. That’s very cool news for everyone involved with Virgin Galactic, but the status of future trips into space are in doubt due to a tragic accident that took the life of one of their pilots in October of 2014.

Regardless, Virgian Galctic have teamed up with Y-3 (a rad collaboration between Adidas and Japanese fashion designer Yōji Yamamoto) to draft up the coolest suborbital flight suits you’ll ever see. The gallery above shows you the fruits of the project spearheaded by Adam Wells, Virgin Galactic’s design head, and Y-3’s Lawrence Midwood. You can scroll through the above gallery to check out the prototypes that could be worn by those elite members of society  who splash out $250,000 to get high with Branson in space.

Also… have you ever noticed that Richard Branson used to look like Austin Powers?


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