#ViralPirateRadio: Trevor Wesley

Welcome back, friends, to another edition of #ViralPirateRadio!

With Valentine’s Day coming up quick, we’re elated to introduce you to Trevor Wesley, a red-hot pop artist with a modern twist. He’s a romantic who crafts high-quality tunes with a sweet disposition that are perfect for warming up your special moments with that special someone.

In late 2016, Trevor released Chivalry Is Dead, a 16-track offering that’s already received heavy play via streaming sites worldwide. Imagine if JT and Jason Mraz drank margaritas in the sunshine and songs were born from the experience. Mr. Wesley taped into his California roots and pulled out some special songs, including the title track and first single “Chivalry Is Dead.”

Enjoy our exclusive interview with Trevor, and be sure to tune in at the close of the feature to Trevor’s personal playlist curated exclusively for #ViralPirateRadio!

Pleasure to chat with you, Trevor! How are things out in LA? Do the “winter blues” actually exist in Southern California?

 LA is a wonderful place to be! Born and raised here. Funny, I’ve never heard of these “winter blues” before… lol I guess not!

Congratulations on your video for “In This World” getting added to the rotation on Revolt TV. What was the most fun part of the video creation process, and what was the most challenging?

 Thanks! Super exciting to have that opportunity. The most exciting part for me is the fact that I have a music video I’m happy and proud of. Working with the director, Embryo, and the cast and crew was a pleasure, and to me that’s most exciting. The energy of passionate, cool people who see the vision and roll with it. Oh… plus dat ass tho! Haha All the talent was amazing to be around! 😬

Last year [2016] saw the release of your album “Chivalry Is Dead,” named after your 2015 single of the same name. We’re now two months post-release — how are you feeling about the album’s reception and 2017 as a whole?

 Super excited! It’s been a long road and I’m excited about all the positive feedback and for the growth and journey moving forward. I’ve gotten over 2 million streams on my album already in the short amount of time it has been out! Exciting!

What vocalists do you look up to, past or present?

 Ella fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Musiq Soulchild, Joe Thomas, Usher, Toni Scruggs, Celine Dion… there are so many!

You’ve been able to produce, write and perform alongside artists like Ne-Yo, Wale and even 98 Degrees. What has the collaborative experience been like and what’s been your biggest takeaway from those sessions?

 It was awesome! Those experiences were great moments and I have taken a lot from all my experiences. I’m thankful to be a sponge and sit back and observe how other working artists and musicians work and have gathered their own formulas.

Your Spotify bio touches on a music- filled childhood, one that includes a lot of jazz and rock. When did you decide to pursue music as a career path and what was the defining moment that really cemented this idea?

 I just always loved music and did it naturally so I never really woke up and decided to pursue it, I was already doing it.

How did your family help steer your sails in the musical realm?

 My family supported me from the beginning. My sister and I sung in church as kids. They took us karaoking, which led to me finding live music jams and networking with real working musicians. My parents have been a huge support for me.

How would you describe your sonic brand? What sets a Trevor Wesley production apart from other artists’ work out there?

 Not sure! I like to just feel it when i’m making it… I try and keep an open mind and just do what feels right.

What do you make of the current romantic landscape, or lack thereof, and what would you like to see change from the people of this blue rock we call Earth?

 I think me being a man automatically makes men a listener to my music because there might very well be a man who thinks the same way I do. Also, “Chivalry” should go both ways regardless of sex — I think everyone is different and expects different things from the world and you gotta just get in where you fit in and be the example as opposed to trying to “change” people…

A bit of Spotify data tells us that you have hoards of fans out in the Philippines. Are you consciously active on the islands and around the Asian Market?

 Not currently. Love the support of my Filipino fans!

If you could pick an international city to perform in tonight, which would it be and why?

 It would probably be the Philippines because there are a lot of fans there that I would love to sing to him that I requested me to come there to sing.

What advice do you have for kids out there who think they love music enough to devote their life’s pursuits to their art?

 Be prepared to spend a lot of time and put in a lot of work! Stay true to your vision.

Can’t get much sweeter than that! Keep a good ear to the ground, as you won’t want to miss catching Trevor Wesley when he rolls through your town. Follow the gent on his journey via is website, Facebook, Instagram and the like.

And without further ado, enjoy Trevor Wesley’s exclusively curated Spotify playlist, only here on #ViralPirateRadio!