#ViralPirateRadio: Tia P

The dog days of Summer ’17 are here, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. Far from it!

It’s been a minute since our last edition of #ViralPirateRadio, so we’ve put together a solid interview with a very talented artist and we know you’ll dig it. Joining us today aboard the ship is Tia P, an actress, winner of the John Lennon songwriting contest, and all around cool cat. Oh, and she’s even been in a commercial with LeBron.

She’s a unique creator with a penchant for making things on her terms, which is evidenced by her motto, “Do you.” So, with our further ado, check out our exclusive interview with Tia P, followed by her personally-curated Spotify playlist.

 Thanks for joining us! Summer ’17 has been treating you well we hope! What’s new in the world of Team Tia?

 Bless. Thanks for having me *childlike grin*. Yes, Summer ’17 has been lovely thus far. Team Tia P. right now is just growing and vibing, and working. Jumping from stage to stage, connecting, and I love it.

 In June you dropped a video for “4 Seats From Beyoncé” and it looked like a blast to film. How did the concept come about?

 OH my God it was! I have a great team and amazing friends who came through for the shoot. Concept-wise, my manager sat down with me one day with this kind of cat-and-mouse idea between a Beyoncé double and myself – never being further than “4 Seats” away. From there we created a storyline and the video was born!

 Can you clue us in on the Eastsyde collaboration and how that came about?

 I can’t take any credit for  the idea of using the sample. The producer, Jae Deal, and I were in his studio one day and he was just playing some instrumental tracks for me – both finished and unfinished, bouncing concepts back and forth. “4 Seats From Beyoncé” was among the tracks he played that day, and by far the catchiest because of that Eastsyde youtube video sample. From the sample came the birth of a “come up/closer to my dreams” concept.

 You rep Inglewood, CA. What part of your city’s character do you embody most as you travel the world making your name?

 My city is very neighborly. I feel like it’s easy to find comfort here. That’s exactly what I want people to find in my music and feel at my shows. The comfort of knowing that I appreciate you as fans, but when I’m out here on the mic I need your energy just as much as you want mine; I want us to feel like homies.

 Right on, we dig that! You tweeted, “There’s no “perfect” moment for anything but you’re always surrounded by the opportunity to take a change.” Can you give us an example or a turning point in your musical journey that helped you shape this mentality?

 I am a firm believer in creating your own opportunities. I believe that’s what separates the game-players from the game-changers. I experienced that at last year’s ASCAP Expo. With a little free time in between a panel event, I started up a cypher with a couple artists – just out the blue. What it became was a croud of over 50 musicians and an entirely organic vibe of new fans and collaborators.

I was a bit hesitant to even start the cypher at first because I wondered how it would be received. I want to do it, but would they? Once I kicked it off, it was like everyone else was thirsty for it too, waiting on someone to be the catalyst. It was almost a moment missed.

 You’ve written over 1500 songs at this point. What type of techniques do you use to keep creativity and inspiration flowing?

 I filter nothing out as an acceptable form of inspiration. Understanding and learning people keeps my flow going. I don’t limit myself to writing from just my perspective or experience, but from others’. If music is medicine, we as artists can’t just be out her curing ourselves. We have to see what the other people need.

 If you could sell a song you loved for 1 million dollars, or own it for life and only make 1 dollar off it, which would you choose and why?

 I’m going with option 1: I can love it even more with 1 million dollars in my account! I know I wrote it.

 When are we finally going to get a taste of the new EP “Peek-a-boo?”

 A great question deserving of a great answer – SOON. Very soon. Shooting for early September.

 That’s REAL soon! If you could be 4 seats from anyone in history right now, whom would you choose?

 Malcolm X, after his trip from the Mecca.

 Got any advice for young ladies ready to erupt onto the scene and stake their claim in the music biz, either via artistry or entrepreneurship?

 1. Learn them, but do you. “Them” is anything or anybody that makes up the environment or industry you wish to proceed into and master.

2. Being underestimated is apart of the game, ladies, but overcoming that can be one of our most effective moves

3. Be nice – not stupid.

There you have it, folks! Learn to do “them,” but do you. Gather knowledge and experience from the environment around you, but stay true to yourself, believe in yourself and always use the ‘ol noggin.

You can keep up with Tia on Twitter, YouTube, her website, Instagram and Facebook. Also, be sure to check out her curated Spotify playlist below.