#ViralPirateRadio: SPiN

Welcome back! Cheers to the start of a new month and a brand-new, rock-filled edition of #ViralPirateRadio!

Today we’re delighted to introduce the four-piece Philly-based alternative rock/power-pop band SPiN! The group is a force to be reckoned with, and their stellar style has landed them a few noticeable spins & syncs. The band’s tunes have appeared in dozens of television shows in the United States, including the show Stalker, which played SPiN’s 2015 track “Happy Together,” the first single from their “Stalked” EP. That particular song hit #1 on the iTunes Indie Rock charts, and remained in the top 5 for over two months.

They’ve worked hard to quickly ascend the charts, wasting no time making a name for their musical brand. Now, these four chaps from Penn State are back with a new EP called “Meant To Rise,” which dropped January 20, 2017. Their ’70s classic rock feels combine with a modern rock twist, highlighting slaying guitar riffs and killer vocals.

SPiN really shines, so do yourself a favor and check out this exclusive interview with the group (and the band’s custom-curated playlist), only on #ViralPirateRadio!

 Happy to chat with you gentlemen! What about 2017 excites y’all most?

 The fact that if you add all the numbers together from 2017, you get “10.” And “10” is how good our new EP is on a scale from 1 to 8.

 Shades of Spinal Tap! So, what makes “Meant To Rise” different from “Stalked” and your other singles?

 I think all our releases are different. We are constantly experimenting with new sounds and ideas. We try to evolve from release to release. Lyrically, we tried to be a lot more positive and optimistic on this EP (but we still let “Dig Your Own Grave” sneak in there)

 What were some of the main influences for the “Meant To Rise” EP?

 Hmmm – Muse, for sure, QOTSA, maybe a little Arctic Monkeys and a bunch of old-school classic rock, power pop stuff. We listened to a lot of stuff while making this EP – including a whole lot of election coverage bullshit.

 The band is typically touring rigorously. What do you miss most about Philly when you’re out hitting the pavement?

 Well, right now we’re not missing any of it – back at home already in the studio working on a new EP. What we certainly didn’t miss was the douchebag new neighbor who moved in beside our studio and constantly complains about the noise because it interferes with his bathing rituals.

 That can certainly put a damper on things. Moving on, what’s your favorite place to get a philly?

 Do you mean “get a philly” like as in a Philly Cheesesteak? Or is that a typo – like you meant favorite place to “gig in Philly?” Either way, the answer is yes, we are handsome. Thanks for asking.

 It was cheesesteak, but noted haha! The girl with the shovel always bringing the trouble, what inspired the music video for “Dig Your Own Grave?”

 Yeah, you should probably avoid ladies yielding shovels in general. But then again, I guess that really depends on what you’re looking to get into. Really, the whole idea came from our director, Jen Joslain. She heard the song and vibed the whole concept based around a chick who doesn’t give a F what people think…

 Where did you write and record Meant to Rise?

 Dead Handsome studios. Our place, with the psycho neighbor referencedabove, in South Philly.
 How do you feel that the writing process affected the overall sound associated with the EP?

 Well, I think the sound came more from the production techniques we experiment with, but we do write with a sound in mind and hope that it ends up coming across that way.

 Are you guys planning on touring in support of the new EP?

 Right now we’re pretty focussed on releasing another EP. Writing and recording again. But another tour is never out of the question.

 What are some of your favorite venues to play on the road and at home?

 Electric Factory at home and a new venue CODA. We all loved playing SXSW in Austin. What a great music city that is. Also Nashville was great. Oh, and Arizona too.

 Any advice for young bands ready to rise?

 If you want to do this, you can’t NOT do it. You’ll find out pretty quickly if you’re willing to do what it takes. It’s definitely not for everyone. Not as glamorous as it seems all the time. I don’t know – #1- make sure you have the right group of people around you – try to be friends first and bandmates second – Then focus on the music – make the songs YOU want to make and never think they are good enough.

With a touch of wit, SPiN conveys their passion concisely: If you want it, you can have it! Incredible words coming from an extremely accomplished band that cannot go unnoticed. Keep a good lookout for any upcoming tours floating your way — SPiN is a band you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Be sure to check out SPiN on Facebook, Twitter (@spinrocks) and Instagram (@spinrocks)and YouTube for some exclusive content, information, and more importantly, their ridiculously wicked music.