#ViralPirateRadio: OTC3

Happy Friday, Pirates! Today we’ve got a brand new edition of #ViralPirateRadio featuring an incredibly motivated, and talented trio of artists in Austin, Texas: OTC3.

Made up of two MC’s and a singer from different corners of the country, OTC3 is acting and creating with a purpose. These three individuals, AB, Abigail, and Lucien, are working to build and engage a community through their music and their venture Out There.

OTC3 stands for Out There Conscious Commercial Concepts, outlining the ethos of the band. They’re energetic, their lyrics are high quality, and their intentions to take their movement worldwide is transparent.

We’re lucky enough to premier a brand new music video from OTC3 called “The Black Rose Project”, featuring Austin vocalist Tree G. The imagery is powerful and the message is clear: identify the problems in your community, organize, and act. Check out the music video below, along with an exclusive interview with the band and with a personalized Spotify playlist from the trio. Cheers!

IBMDt4E9-150x150 OTC3 in the house! Thanks for speaking with us and sharing your good vibes. Would you mind describing the energy your team aims to spread through your music?

IMG_9738 Thank you for having us, we appreciate the time and #ViralPirateRadio!

IMG_9770 Our main focus is channeling energy with everyone we meet along this journey. We want to spread a positive, motivating, and inspiring energy to everyone and give them confidence that they too can go and live out their passion!

IMG_9775 Our goal is to make inspiration move through your body and soul! 

IBMDt4E9-150x150 Now that’s definitely a mentality that us Pirates support. How did y’all get together in first place, and how did you all end up settling on OTC3?

IMG_9738 We blame it on the universe. Each of us following the omens in our own lives brought us to the point where we had the opportunity to come together for something bigger than each of us.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 How does the group’s diversity and individuality lend to the total package and feel of the band?

IMG_9775 It defines us. Our individuality is what makes OTC3. We pride ourselves in being one as human beings. Combining our diverse, ethnic backgrounds we achieve the feel we are looking for. We all have strengths that compliment each other perfectly.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 Why did you all choose Austin to call home and build your movement?

IMG_9770 We hit a stunt in our growth from a learning and spiritual perspective. We were seeking a new challenge and one that would allow us the space to grow and change. Change is tough but adapting to it is growth.

IMG_9775 Once I found out Austin was the live music capital of the world, it was confirmation that’s where I needed to go. I figured I couldn’t lose when residing in a city where they are known for live music.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 What are the biggest challenges of being in a young band? What are some of the important lessons you’ve learned thus far in your experiences writing and gigging together?

IMG_9770 We see every challenge as an opportunity to learn, we have many of the same challenges that any young band would experience, however every step along the way has felt harmonious.

IMG_9738 Biggest lessons would be… always, ALWAYS rehearse and warm up… center yourself before each creative and live experience… live in the moment and see the people around you…

IMG_9775 Creating good rehearsal habits and challenging ourselves to find areas to improve. Our excitement for progress and exposure can sometimes take our focus away from the behind the scenes activity that needs to take place. I’ve learned that writing together is priceless. We have created some of our best music in the presence of each other. Also, I have learned that the more energy we provide individually the higher our energy collectively which transfers to the audience.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 Even as such a young band you’ve already earned yourselves a venue residency, how cool is that? Care to walk us through the event details?

IMG_9770 3 Shows in March! All Free!
1. Law Of Attraction – 3/4
2. Rep Your City – 3/11
3. Celestial – 3/25

IMG_9775 The lineups are made up of many diverse acts, our aim is to create a dynamic show.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 Will you be premiering any new music for the occasion? When can we expect new tunes from OTC3?

IMG_9770 We will definitely be premiering new music during the events in March, and we just released “The Black Rose Project.”  There is a lot of excitement and anticipation from our supporters.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 The music video sounds powerful. How does it feel to craft and share heavy yet important messages in today’s social unrest?
IMG_9738 It fills us up with purpose. We feel that our only obligation on this earth is to make the world better. Making music together and being about one message “Love” has put us in a great position to move many with our music.

IMG_9775 We are courageous and confident. We are making a statement with no fear and proud of the elegance we are displaying while doing so. We are leaders and the people are yearning for someone to say what their souls are crying out for. I’m so blessed and grateful to share these strong messages of equality, peace, and love with strong individuals who share the same values.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 Walk us through your typical writing practice? How do you make sure each member gets a chance to add his/her own flavor to the mix?

IMG_9775 It’s starts with choosing to vibe out. Once the music is playing, we all allow ourselves to become one. Once we are set on the concept, we then start to individually paint the pictures needed to tell the story. It has been happening so organically where we never predict who is going to go first or how we will structure until we are deep in the zone. Then the pieces of the puzzle just start to come together and we usually always see where each piece needs to go.

IMG_9770 It has been a naturally organic process for us. It’s almost unexplainable. We believe that if you chase your dreams, and are actively working on them the Universe conspires to help you. We always seem to follow the omens in creating our songs and music.

IBMDt4E9-150x150 Well follow those omens to success my friends. Any parting advice for young musicians ready to follow their own omens and chase their dreams?

IMG_9775 Be yourself at all times! Don’t believe the hype of having to change who you are to fit in or get signed. Work hard, spend countless hours on perfecting your craft, and take action! The stars won’t always align but never give up. And remember; it’s only a dream if you don’t believe it’s possible.

IMG_9738 Tell yourself what you want, and work every single day towards achieving your goals. If you don’t no one will.

IMG_9770 Ask, believe, achieve. No one will believe in you more than yourself.

That’s all folks! Make sure to follow OTC3’s movement via their Website, FB, Twitter, Insta… you know the deal.

Stream their #VPR exclusive playlist on Spotify below!