#ViralPirateRadio: Drakeford

Thanks for tuning in, we are thrilled to bring aboard Drakeford for this edition of #ViralPirateRadio!

Comprised of Drakeford and Lucy-Jayne, they are a husband and wife folk duo based out of Chatanooga, TN.

Spring has sprung and Drakeford’s music is perfectly paired with the beautiful weather we’ve been receiving here in the northeast. “Anchors Aweigh” is an ideal soundtrack to the season, leaving the listener with a smile. Each song provides a type of warmth similarly found in a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning; it could be an element of their songwriting inspiration. Drakeford’s sound is the product of their travels and performing together around the world, their faith, and a love for a wide dynamic of music. The blend of catchy, pop-oriented melodies and earthy folk create a wholesome moving sound.

They are currently gearing up for The Big Church Day Out Festival in England come May and June. In addition, the group recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of their first full length record “Anchors Aweigh.” There are many great things on the horizon for Drakeford, and we are excited to speak with them this time around on #ViralPirateRadio.

 Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, and welcome to #ViralPirateRadio! Congratulations on The Big Church Day Out Festival in May and June! Are you excited to be heading out to England and performing?

 Absolutely! We’ve performed in England before, but this is certainly the biggest stage we’ve been booked on over there. We’re also pretty thrilled about the idea of getting to connect with other artists there, as some of our favorites are also playing this festival!

 You both met while touring in Kyrgyzstan, which is also where you got engaged. What brought you to Chattanooga, Tennessee and sparked the inception of Drakeford?

 We decided to move back to the states after we got engaged to plan the wedding, which was in Atlanta (Lucy-Jayne’s parents live there). We knew that after we got married we’d probably stick around the states for a little while and wanted to start our marriage off in a place that was new for both of us. I (Drake) had been to Chattanooga before to play a solo show and became good friends with a Christian band here called “As Isaac” and it was actually them that convinced us to consider checking it out… so we did, and we fell in love with the small city and have been here ever since!

 From what I understand there is quite a difference between your musical influences. How do they differ and what bridges those variances?

 There is indeed! I am influenced by artists in a range of different genres, but mostly those that are lyric-driven, so people like Jon Foreman (Switchfoot), Jason Mraz, Bo & Bear Rinehart (NEEDTOBREATHE), Glen phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket), Amos Lee and Josh Garrels just to name a few 🙂

Lucy-Jayne is certainly the more pop-sensible one of us and loves listening to anything from mainstream pop to Hip Hop and R&B.

 Can you give us some insight into your songwriting process?

 Of course! For me (Drake), inspiration often comes to me when I least expect it! However, I always start off with drinking some coffee, haha! Believe it or not, coffee really fuels my creative side. I often start out with playing some chords, and once I’ve found some that inspire me I start finding a melody. Then, I basically just sing non-sense spontaneous lyrics until something sticks out to me… it really works!

Once I get an idea or a theme, then constructing lyrics is my favorite part to focus on. I love problem solving… and finding the right lyrical puzzle piece is my favorite challenge! Lucy-Jayne helps a lot in finding melodies, and is the person I bounce ideas off of. She’s very honest when she doesn’t like something which is so helpful to me. Then I know that we she does love a lyric then it’s worth chasing.

 How does your faith come into play with your music?

 Obviously our faith has a huge role in the songs we write, because it’s just a part of us. We don’t label ourselves as Christian artists, but rather artists who are Christians. We want to write about anything that is on our heart or mind. Sometimes we write love songs, sometimes we write songs about things we’ve struggled with, or just lessons that we’ve learned, or sometimes it’s a direct song to God. Either way, it all comes from the same place and we hope that our transparency and authenticity can help people in some way!

 You have done a lot of traveling and have lived in many different places, have those experiences helped to shape Drakeford’s sound at all?

 Massively! We wouldn’t be who we are or the artists that we are today if we hadn’t lived and experienced different cultures. It expanded our world view. It demolished stereotypes and prejudices and stretched us beyond belief. Some of our deepest, most heart-wrenching songs came out of living in a different country. Suddenly, everything you’ve been taught in life is thrown out of the window and you have to start from scratch. That time of finding out who I really was was crucial to learning how to write authentically and without walls.

 We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of your first full-length release, Anchors Aweigh! How do you both feel a year later?

 We feel incredibly grateful for everything that has happened and opened up for us because of Anchors Aweigh. We put so much heart and effort into that record and we’re just so pleased that people have been encouraged by the songs.

 When can we expect new music?

 We’ve actually just started working on our second album! We’ll be releasing a few singles between now and when the full album is released (hopefully end of this year or beginning of next!).

 What plans do you have for Drakeford in the foreseeable future?

 Besides working on a new record, we have some very exciting shows lined up over the next few months. We’ll also be releasing some new music videos we’ve been working on! So keep a look out on our social media! 🙂

 Any advice or tips for aspiring musicians and bands out there?

 I’d encourage you not just to write music for money… because the world already has a lot of meaningless noise. Instead, use your voice, your platform and your art to communicate things that you think contribute to society. Also, take EVERY opportunity… literally every one. Lastly, take time to rest and build relationships and community where you’re living!

A big thank you to Drakeford for taking time to speak with us and for creating a great playlist. That just about wraps it up for this edition of #ViralPirateRadio, thanks for reading! To stay up to date with everything Drakeford, they can be found on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and on their website. Be sure to check out their exclusively curated Spotify playlist below!