#ViralPirateRadio: BIG Something

Afternoon, Pirates!

Welcome back for another exciting addition of #ViralPirateRadio. Today we have the honor of putting the spotlight on BIG Something, an alternative rock band with crazy groove. With three studio albums under their belt, the adventurous band is no stranger to writing jams and hitting the road to share them with fans nationwide.

BIG Something is known for their high-energy live performances, uniquely crafted set-lists, and sensational songwriting abilities — the perfect profile to pair with any multi-genre music festival. They’ve taken the industry by storm and have opened for The B52s, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, and Galactic to name a few. Even better, Big Something also hosts an annual music festival, The Big What, in their home state of North Carolina.

In our interview we discuss BIG Something’s brand new album, Tumbleweed, and snag some insight into their writing and touring processes. Big Something is making waves, so check out this exclusive interview with the group (and the band’s custom-curated playlist), only on #ViralPirateRadio!

 Happy to have you and stoked for the new record! How has the band been prepping for launch day?

 We have been touring, tightening up our original music and we have put together a couple of new cover songs for our CD release shows in Greensboro, NC. We recently played live in studio sessions at Sirius Radio and Relix magazine’s office. Those were awesome promo opportunities for us!

 Seeing as how you are working with John Custer again, what is one of your favorite memories from recording your latest album [Tumbleweed] with your favorite producer?

 It goes without saying that John Custer is a genius when it comes to production. He has a way of bringing the sounds out of the player that he’s working with to his own liking. A distinct memory I [Casey] have is playing through a take of my solo on Tumbleweed, thinking it was complete shit. After the solo I turned to Custer and he just gives me the nod and a wink. We ended up keeping that take! It was an interesting solo that I probably couldn’t reproduce live if I tried.

 How does the wandering, peyote-laced main character of your single “Tumbleweed” represent the band members and their experiences? If he doesn’t represent the band, what was the character’s inspiration?

 Our singer and lyricist wrote this, so I’m not entirely sure about the origin of the story. I believe it can be used as a metaphor for anyone who feels that they are wandering aimlessly from time to time.

 Is there any reason in particular for the darker tone of this new single/album, or is that just what the music called for?

 I think the darker sounds came out quite organically. A lot of what I play is an attempt to meld my sound with the rest of what is going on musically. It is difficult to plan music out, and much of it happens spontaneously. If we hear a sound or chord progression that we like, we make note and try to build upon it.

 Your tour schedule has some gaps in the summer, could we see you guys hopping on any big festival lineups this year?

 We surely hope so! High Sierra in California is a pretty big deal for us; it will be our first trip to the West Coast. We are also returning to one of the biggest festivals we have played, The Ride in Telluride, Colorado. Beck is the headliner. All of us lived through the ’90s, so that is pretty damn exciting! I hear he puts on an incredible show.

 Being as busy as you guys have been over the years, how do you stay in touch with your North Carolina roots?

 I personally live in Greensboro, NC so when I’m off tour I catch up with my family and friends as much as possible. We do a lot of show-watching and going out for dinner.

 How excited are y’all to hit the road with Umphrey’s McGee at the end of March?

 Dang… quite excited! These will be some of the biggest and most important shows up to this point in our career. I think we’re all trying to mentally prepare for the headspace that will be required for such a grandiose operation, and finely tune our musical chops and the tightness of our group.

 What does the band like to do on the road to pass the time and have fun?

 I read books on the road. Right now I’m in the middle of a sci-fi novel called “The Gods Themselves.” I’m also reading a novel by Margaret Atwood called The Heart Goes Last. It is set in the very near future after a financial collapse and loss of over half the jobs in the U.S. The protagonists are thrust into a corporate scenario in which they are offered decent jobs and living space in exchange for staying and working in a prison complex for six months out of the year. Ben likes to work out and do yoga, and I carry a Nintendo DS on the road. We all love listening to music, too.

 If there was one album pre-Tumbleweed you’d love a new fan to hear before they experience the new record, which would it be and why?

 I would suggest our first album, as it has some similar conceptual aspects. The themes are different but it is a bit of a listening experience, almost like a concept album, which is something that I would love to further explore in the future.

 Any tips of the trade for bands ready to hit the road full time?

 Stay busy and love what you do. Accept having to make future sacrifices. Stay in touch with your family and let them know you are doing what you love and are happy about it.

“Stay busy and love you do”- How sweet is that!

Freshly-rooted and always down to earth, BIG Something is a rockin’, so be sure to take notice! And, of course, make sure to pick up the new record Tumbleweed when it hits shelves, and check out one of the band’s upcoming shows. Find more info and their schedule via their official website or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like.

Time for tunes! Enjoy this exclusively curated Spotify playlist, built by BIG Something themselves, only here on #ViralPirateRadio!