Viral Pirate Gets Warped: ROAM

Every summer the Vans Warped Tour hosts bands from all walks of the world. British pop-punk band ROAM made it to the Poseidon stage for their first run on the summer-long rock festival.

ROAM have had a huge year thus far, settling into the Hopeless Records family and touring off their freshman LP, Backbone. The group has not taken a break from being on the road ever since. This past winter they headed out with label-mates Sum 41 for the Kerrang! Tour 2016, which was great exposure for ROAM as it was Sum 41’s first tour in three years. Following that, they toured on the European leg of the “Taking One For the Team” tour with Simple Plan in the spring, leading up to a summer stateside for Warped Tour.

ROAM are positioned in the scene as way more than just angsty newcomers with guitars. The band plays with the mindset of giving their fans a fun, light set, yearning to go the extra mile beyond just playing music. Their dedication to perfecting their sound and appearance goes to show how hard the band works. Backbone is an album that journeys to lands uncharted for ROAM and is only the prologue for what’s to come for the Brits.

I had the pleasure of chatting with guitarist Alex Adam about ROAM’s first summer on Warped, what he would wish for whilst touring, and a shady murderer he met this summer.

weblogo04-150x150 Welcome to Viral Pirate! Would you please introduce yourself and tell us your role in the band?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 I’m Alex, I play guitar and sing in ROAM.

weblogo04-150x150 How are you liking your first Warped Tour?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 It’s amazing, It’s very full on. We get up at, like, half seven and we don’t go to bed until 11 or 12. We don’t finish doing stuff until 8 or 9. It’s a long, tiring day, but it’s amazing. We come out whenever, there’s always stuff to do.

weblogo04-150x150 How’s the weather compare to your native UK?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 It’s always hot! Today’s not so bad, but it’s been ridiculous, humid as hell. Too much sometimes.

weblogo04-150x150 Tell those who may not be familiar with you what the group is all about.

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 We started in 2012. There’s five of us. We’re pop-punk, but trying to be more energetic, a little more aggressive. We’ve toured with Sum 41, Simple Plan, All Time Low, State Champs, Knuckle Puck, that’s the kind of genre you could put us with. It’s our third time in the States, we’ve toured throughout Europe and the UK as well.

weblogo04-150x150 How do you like America, what’s your favorite city?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 I really like San Diego, we haven’t been there yet this tour but have in the past and it’s quite chill — a lot more calm than Los Angeles. I also like Seattle as well, it’s pretty nice.

weblogo04-150x150 What are the weirdest things you’ve seen on the Warped Tour so far?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 On the first day a guy came up to us, complimented us on our tattoos and told us he was wanted for murder and heading north. That was pretty weird, we didn’t want to cut him off from killing again so we let him go. He’s still on the run. We’ve seen a lot of stuff.

weblogo04-150x150 How have fans been receiving your latest record, Backbone out on Hopeless Records?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 Really well! We’re playing four or five songs off of it on this tour and people seem to know the words and get really energetic when we play those.

weblogo04-150x150 Favorite song to play on stage and why?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 I like playing “Deadweight,” it’s our heaviest song, by no means a “heavy” song, but heavy for us. It’s a chance for everyone to go mental. We always save it for last in our set, it’s always a lot of fun to see the crowd go crazy for our last song.

weblogo04-150x150 Have you discovered any good bands while out on tour?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 There are two bands that I really like that are very different from what I listen to. There’s The Heirs, who also play on the Poseidon stage, and Sykes, from the UK, both very chill. They’ve got a 1975 thing going on, both female fronted. It’s not my kind of music at all, but they’re very good.

weblogo04-150x150 If you could wish for anything right now, what would it be?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 A crew! A crew so I could stay in bed until an hour before our set, someone else to put up posters, getting set times, walking the lines and selling CDs. That’d be great right now. We’re getting up super early working until about 10am, then we get a bit of a rest, then we get to warm up and go on stage play, that’s the good bit.

Then we do the signing, get to chill, then we walk the line and sell CDs again and pack up merch. If we had someone to do all of that for us, that would be great. So a crew.

weblogo04-150x150 What message do you hope fans get out of your music?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 We try to not take anything too seriously, and we hope that comes across in the music. There are so many bands that have a message, and it’s important, but a lot of bands go over the top with the “my life sucks” kind of thing. It can be too much. It’s important to look on the positive side, having a good time and forgetting about it. That’s what we try to do on stage, lyrically as well as musically. We just try to have fun.

weblogo04-150x150 What’s the future like for ROAM?

tumblr_nyv0qx5GN91rsa0j5o1_1280 We’ve been writing, we’re working on a second album, no date on that yet, but we want to do more with the production, add some new instruments, put some piano in, some organ in, bigger stuff. We want to get more theatrical in between songs, add another dimension. It’s more than just music.

It might be awhile until we have the money behind us to pursue the bigger production ideas, but it’s something we’re working towards.

Be on the lookout for new stuff from ROAM and catch one of their shows when they come to a city near you! And be sure to stay up to date with ROAM on Facebook and Twitter!