Viral Pirate Gets Warped: Like Pacific

It’s been a long, hot summer for Toronto pop-punk group Like Pacific. Coming off the release of their debut LP Distant Like You Asked and a lengthy North American run with State Champs and Neck Deep this past spring, the band made it onto the Full Sail University stage at this summer’s Vans Warped Tour.

As I had the pleasure of seeing the band tear up the stage on their first national tour, I knew to expect a very high-spirited and punchy set when I arrived at my local Warped date in Syracuse, NY.

I started my day off with Like Pacific bright and early at 11:45am, and they did not disappoint. The band showed up straight off the bus and gave the crowd a set that blew the sleep out of their eyes. Despite singer Jordan Black’s appearance with a broken wrist, he owned the stage and got fans stoked for the rest of their day, running around the stage and even joining the crowd by the end. Like Pacific plays their live shows loud, fast, and tight, as any pop-punk should be.

What set them apart from other pop-punk bands on the tour is that they play aggressively and with an attitude-I’d say they are benefitting from touring alongside the “founding father” bands on the tour, especially Sum 41.

I had a chance to sit down with Jordan later that day to discuss the weather, Warped Tour, and probiotic yogurt.

weblogo04-150x150 Welcome to Viral Pirate! Go ahead and introduce yourself.

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw Hi, I’m Jordan Black and I sing in Like Pacific on the Vans Warped Tour!

weblogo04-150x150 Great! It’s Like Pacific’s first Warped Tour ever.

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw Yup, it’s our very first Warped Tour. We’ve played the Toronto date before and the AP tour this past spring, but nothing as big as this!

weblogo04-150x150 Yeah that’s exciting! How’s the tour gone so far?

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw So far the tour’s been a lot of fun. It’s really hot everyday so it kinda sucks, I’ll be completely honest. But that’s not Kevin Lyman’s fault or anybody’s fault — it’s just the weather. Kevin’s an awesome guy, he’s been super nice and accommodating towards us since the start of the tour. We didn’t know what to expect, but we’ve had no egos, no bullshit.

weblogo04-150x150 So you said it was hot, the summer in America must be different than in Canada.

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw Toronto is much like New York City weather, there’s no difference. So it gets hot when it gets hot and it gets cold when it gets cold. Everyone thinks that we’re cold most of the time, like it’s jacket weather in Canada but right now it’s probably hotter there than it is right here.

weblogo04-150x150 For those who don’t know Like Pacific, what’s your band’s backstory in a few words?

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw So I was playing drums in a band called Life Order, and then we started a pop-punk band on the side. They asked me to do vocals — I was originally the drummer in Like Pacific, and then we did vocals out of nowhere. We came up with the name because we were, like, making fun of something at a show. Honestly, everyone has a different story with the name I don’t know how it came up.

So then we started, had a bunch of line-up changes, did a couple tours in Canada and played a couple shows in the U.S. every once in a while, and then we got signed to Pure Noise Records in 2015 and released our first EP through them. Then the ball got rolling from there. We released our first full-length record with them about 6 months ago, and since then have been touring in the U.S. and have plans to stay on the road promoting it.

weblogo04-150x150 Speaking of touring, what country overseas would you be most excited to play?

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw The U.K. in general. Like, never been, but I have friends from the Internet there and friends from high school who have moved there. They went to school there and decided to stay. So the U.K. in general. I can’t wait to go.

weblogo04-150x150 They have a lot of awesome bands over there right now.

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw Yeah, like our friends from ROAM, they’re our boys.

weblogo04-150x150 So what’s a day in the life of Like Pacific while on the Warped Tour?

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw Well, I have a broken wrist so right now everyday everyone wakes up at about 8am and gets breakfast together. Then we load everything, but with my wrist I can’t load anything, so I write up posters with our set times and set up merch a little bit, hang out. That’s me!

It’s a lot of hard work and meeting people once you’re done with your set. A lot of walking around seeing your friends’ bands. I had never seen Less Than Jake before and I used to love them when I was a kid. It’s about experiencing new music. They’re very long days, but a lot of fun. I work at a bar back home, so I’m used to going to bed at about 4am every night, but now I’m in bed by 11pm.

I’m so tired, but in a good way, everyday is good, there’s been no problems, nothing bad happened, we’ve had really positive days.

weblogo04-150x150 That’s really good, I don’t want to jinx it seems like a lot of people run into some issue on the Tour.

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw For us, it’s just been minor things that any touring band faces. I’m very grateful and we’re lucky that nothing bad has happened.

weblogo04-150x150 What bands have you enjoyed so far?

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw So far? The Story So Far, they’re one of my favorite bands to watch, they’re very fun to watch. Cruel Hand’s on this tour, like a band I used to really love and go out and see every year in Toronto. The last time I saw Cruel Hand was in 2009 with Have Heart. Every Time I Die is a lot of fun to watch live, also ROAM. We’re sharing a bandwagon with Safe To Say, and they’re also from Toronto, their new record is like Brand New meets Nirvana, so that’s cool to watch.

They’re our close friends and we never get sick of that. There are so many bands on this tour. Basically every band here I wanna see at least once.

weblogo04-150x150 You have to pick and choose: one legacy band a day, one ska band a day.

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw Yeah, and it sucks for the fans who only have one day where you try to cram in as many as you can. If I miss a band one day it sucks but I still have 40 other chances to see that band while on the Tour.

weblogo04-150x150 Do you guys ever jump into the mosh pits on tour? I’m not sure you can do that with your wrist.

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw Old Wounds, they’re our good friends who play every day on the same stage as us… I know every word and all of the mosh parts. I don’t really mosh, but I run across the front of the stage every now and then. I don’t really come out of mosh retirement often.

weblogo04-150x150 What message do you hope your fans get out of your music while on tour?

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw I mean, this is going to sound weird but that “anyone can do it.”

I still go home and work a job and do normal stuff. We’re very grateful to be where we are, very privileged to be on the Warped Tour. But if you’re doing music and discouraged in any way: just keep doing it. There’s a common misconception between they need us more than we need them when it comes to fans. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have people listening to us and paying attention-pay attention to local bands.

If you really like a band, go out of your way to pay for their shows. Go watch them, introduce your friends to their music. Even if it’s one show, even if they don’t like it, bring them out to shows and get the word out. Keep going to local shows because everyone is a local band…it took us a long time to get here but it was a nice road.

weblogo04-150x150 So what’s the first thing you grab from Wal-Mart on a day off from Warped Tour?

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw I grab probiotic yogurt because my stomach always hurts. I have really bad eating habits, not that I eat terrible food, I just don’t eat properly all the time…I have a lot of anxiety so I don’t really eat a lot, but I’ve gotten a lot better at that, so probiotic yogurt and healthy food. Sometimes beer, because sometimes I get sick of drinking Budweiser everyday. You gotta buy some nice beer.

weblogo04-150x150 Do you ever make any Warped Tour mixed drinks?

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw I don’t drink a lot of liquor, but in Canada there’s a vodka where a litre of it is $35 but here it’s only $9 so I bought that because it’s cheap, I haven’t had it yet. Someone made margaritas and I had one but it was too strong for me and I went to bed.

weblogo04-150x150 What are some lessons you’ve learned so far gigging together?

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw Don’t be a dick. You know? It’s reciprocal.

There’s no reason to be an egotistical person or a prick. We’re all in the same boat. I eat the same food as every other bands on the mainstage. We all wait in line together and what is said can come back to you, so don’t have so many choice words about people and don’t be a dick. You’re doing something a lot of people really would love to do with their life, if you’re gonna treat people like shit, you’re abusing it.

Not that I was in that position and got schooled on it, but I see how it affects other people.

weblogo04-150x150 What do we have to look forward to coming from Like Pacific?

tumblr_static_7lj4yv77vhoo4og0ckwcc88sw Lots of touring, the new record just came out around six months ago, so we’re gonna play music off that as long as we can. We’ll be playing some new spots we’ve never played before — Warped Tour brought us to some new spots which was kinda nice. Can’t say anything else but A LOT of new places to play and touring. Look forward to that, look out for shows.

Be sure to catch Like Pacific this fall when they come to a city near you, and stay up to date with the band on Facebook and Twitter!