Astor Alexander Reimagines Video Game Characters In Stunning Fashion

San Diego, California-based artist Astor Alexander has a wonderful gift for us all this Wednesday. He’s gone through the trouble of recreating some very famous video game characters in multiple styles of art ranging from pulp, to noir to even Renaissance.

This isn’t the first rodeo for the Skeptic Magazine illustrator, and his Witcher series have been floating about for some time. He even told Eurogamer that inspiration behind that series came from BBC’s Sherlock and Supernatural. “It made sense to update The Witcher to modern times,” Alexander said.

He’s currently working on “a funny gaming illustration,” and oddly enough he’s never been employed by the gaming industry. You can keep up to date with all of his work on DeviantArt, Behance, Tumblr and Twitter. Seriously, go follow all of those accounts.

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