Vader Delivers 3D Printed Arm To Omaha Boy

Who says the Empire is always up to no good?

Alvin Garcia Flores is a fourth grader in Omaha, Nebraska and he was born without an arm. So, the lads at Limitless Solutions — a non-profit from Florida — presented our man with a special 3D printed arm modeled after an iconic Star Wars character.

Members of the 501st Legion’s Central Garrison (which serves Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota) took to Alvin’s school and presented him with a new arm in front of the entire school.

See, Limitless Solutions aren’t your average non-profit. Their main goal is to deliver “advanced personalized bionics and solutions for disabilities,” and you might remember them helping Robery Downey Jr. deliver a prosthetic Iron Man arm just last year. It was this bit of news that make Principal Terry Burton think of Alvin and the rest, as they say, is history.

With Star Wars being the “in” trend right now, Limitless Solutions decided to hook Alvin up with a sweet Stormtrooper arm.

After Burton saw the aforementioned Iron Man video he knew he had to show Alvin, whose response was “Oh, I want one of those.” Principal Burton then knew that he had to deliver, so he wrote to Limitless and they agreed to build the 3d printed arm.

Can you think of anything cooler than having Vader and stormtroopers show up at your school to give you a 3D-printed arm? Cheers to Limitless Solutions for continuing to be supremely awesome.

[Living Well Nebraska]

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