6 Of The World’s Unusually Large Animals & More.

I get scared just at the sight of a house spider… If I ever saw one of these crazy big critters I would freak out. Here are 6 of the larges most unusually large animals in the world.

1). African Giant Snail

These slimy, gooey guys can get as big as 8 inches long… Eww.


2). Chinese Giant Salamander

This crawly “little” fellow can get as big as six feet and is almost blind. I don’t think that matters, though, because no one would mess with this.


3). Saltwater Crocodile

This scaley guy is thought to be the largest crocodile caught ever. Measuring in at 21 feet long, the croc was caught after a 3 week long hunt. Amazingly, the never exterminated him…


4). New York Rat

This creepy rat was found in a Bronx, NY location of Foot Locker, the popular shoe retailer.


5). Coconut Crabs

These behemoths are not something you wanna be fooling around with. Their claws are powerful enough to crack a coconut in pieces. Yikes!


6). Giant George

Enough of that creepy, crawly nonsense. This is George, the great Dane. He weighs 245 lbs. and eats over 110lbs. of food a day! Other than that, he has a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records!


For more unusually large animals, check out Heavy.com!

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