These Two Brothers Make Crazy Beautiful Can Art

Meet Ben & Sam Goraj

These two brothers from Michigan, with amazingly awesome artistic abilities, make crazy, beautiful, and unique can art. What makes these two brother’s works unique though, are that their pieces are specially upcycled and made from resources that someone like me or you would throw in the trash.


The two brothers started goRay Productions, their art studio, in 2011 and focus on upcycled artistic pieces. What exactly is upcycled, you ask? Well, to put it simply, it’s taking resources and material used for something completely different and making something completely new out of it. In this way, the brothers not only save our ecosystem, but add a bit of flavor to their customer’s homes.

Ben works on origami pieces made from aluminum cans and posters made from upcycled cigar brands, while his brother, Sam, works on lighters made from Perler beads and Christmas decorations. All their pieces are sold on Etsy (so be sure to head there).

Check out a small collection of Ben Goraj’s amazing can art:

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All Pictures From goRay Productions! Go there for more upcycled art!
Story Source: State of Green

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