Twitter Users Accuse The Wiz Live! Of Racism

You were expecting I’d do something like this, didn’t you? We started reported on NBC’s The Wiz Live! earlier this year in at least two articles. I really wanted to leave it at that before people thought I was obsessed.. and in my defense, the first one was about Beyoncé and the second was a glorified retraction about the lack of Beyoncé… but here is a story that proves I have clearly not done enough in giving this show more free press than it needs. You know, this is really all Twitter’s fault anyway.

There have been multiple reports of Twitter users accusing the show of racism for its use of an all-black cast. We’re guessing these people are unfamiliar with the original show and the 1978 film, which would mean they have not been reading my articles, so clearly they’re a bunch of depraved peasants whose opinions should hold no weight.

It’s kind of ironic when you remember at one point, ABC was going to produce a racially-blind version of The Wiz, which somehow turned into that thing with the Muppets, which should prove to people to never question these things, but that’s just my opinion.

One Twitter user, who is identified as Melly, claims to have deleted a post that insulted the show, only for her to say that it’s unfair for producers to have excluded other races. Unlike the others, she brings up what she claims to be the “original,” although whether she is talking about the stage-show or film is unclear.

There have been people criticizing this, pointing out that the whole point of The Wiz is that it is an all-black version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, as its jazz and soul-themed showcase is meant to highlight and serve as a promotion of black culture.

On a lighthearted note, a more playful meme has arisen with people criticizing the show because Toto didn’t go to Oz with Dorothy. People have gone so far to joke that he was killed by the cyclone. Reportedly, during the original production of the stage show, the production crew couldnt’ find a dog-trainer in time, so his part was limited to the Kansas scenes.

He’s, arguably, just glorified plot device used to convey that Dorothy is back in Kansas since he runs up to her at the end of the show.

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