Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is Giving Away $200M In Stock

It’s good to be the king… of Twitter, that is. In fact, it’s really good to be the king. It’s so good that you can give away roughly $200 million in stock and still be living like… well… a king. Keep in mind, though, that Dorsey has been under fire as of late for laying off  8% of his workforce in efforts to reverse Twitter’s slow user growth and lagging stock price.

So, one percent of Twitter’s equity, which Dorsey explains is 1/3rd of his Twitter stock, is being put in a pool that will issue grants to Twitter employees and will surely boost morale after the layoffs. The really cool thing about this is that the equity is coming directly from Dorsey’s holdings. He currently has 21.86 million shares, which are worth $640 million in total. This latest giveaway comes about a week after he he announced that he’d be donating 40 million shares to charity. You see, it’s all… part of the plan.

Hey, man. When you’ve got tons of money the least you can do is give some back to the people. Good on you, Mate.

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