A Trumpwork Orange – Classic Trump Vol. 4

Once again, our mate Hugh Atkin has produced a bit of Election 2016 gold with his take on A Clockwork Orange.

Naturally, the prime candidate to put on display for this rendition was the Donald, whose pussy grabbing, chair humping braggadocio makes him the perfect person to use for satirical purposes. While it’s still mind-boggling that he’s in the position he is, it does make for great entertainment.

The only apt word to describe this election thus far is “mad,” so it makes perfect sense to tie A Clockwork Orange into it and Hugh did a marvelous job once again. Be sure to join President Barack Obama and him on Twitter (seriously, Obama follows him), and on YouTube to stay up to date with his latest material.

A Trumpwork Orange, now that’s a film I’d pay to see… oh wait, I already am and it’s all free…

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