Tipsy in Chelsea Take You Back In Time With “Gaslighter”

The long-distance duo Tipsy in Chelsea recently reunited to release their latest album Gaslighter, which features Blake Parris on Bass while Paul Barrie sits in the pocket, in addition to the two founding members Dean Falcone and Trish Thompson.

Despite Falcone being from New Haven, CT, and Thompson being from Atlanta, GA, the two have developed a close musical bond that has led to wonderful lounge-esque sounds echoing the likes of The Carpenters and Burt Bacharach. While their music is soothing, the reason we’re even able to listen to it is because of the death of one of Trish and Dean’s mutual friends. The loss of their dearly departed mate led to the pair collaborating on a lovely tribute, and they’ve been pushing on ever since.

The drive for this EP stems from their similar musical influences including styles from ’60s and ’70s pop. Through this seven-track EP, you can hear the hybrid of lounge and bossa nova sounds including woodwinds, strings, and brass, evoking an ambience that is smooth and warm. Interestingly enough, the term “gaslighter” refers to a person who “creates a power disparity in the relationship from which you can then be exploited to his or her advantage.” The emotions evoked from the album, however, are the complete antithesis of those brought upon by gaslighting — thank goodness!

Gaslighter is a gorgeous album that’s perfect for a late-night café trip or winding down from a long day. The duo even highlight their album with two covers – “Day After Day,” by Badfinger, and a beautiful rendition of Phil Seymour’s “Precious To Me.” It is clear that the two are extremely familiar with these two tracks, as they add such strength and creativity to their execution iterations of the tunes.

If you are a music lover of The Pretenders and Crowded House, you should by all means give this remarkable duo a listen. Not even distance can stop these two; they can only get better. Check out the album below, and be sure to keep an ear out for new music from a very talented group.