Tingsek’s New Release Continues The Natural Progression Of His Music

Music is always a journey, and an artist’s journey generally parallels that of their life. That statement holds true with Sweden’s supremely talented Magnus Tingsek.

In our previous interview with him, Tingsek told us about the inspirations behind his music, gave us insight into his musical process and even talked to us about Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This time around we had the pleasure of having a more focused conversation regarding his newest single “Lie To Me,” which you can hear below.

After listening to Amygdala on repeat for a solid few months, and knowing what the album was about, this new single left us with a few questions, and we were fortunate enough to be able to listen to it for a solid week before it was officially released. In that time we cooked up some more questions for Tingsek, and we’re thrilled to be able to share his answers with you.

 Your last album took on the theme of change and nostalgia. Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind “Lie To Me.”

 Well; It’s a about having someone close to you who, instead of being honest about the simplest things, they lie about it and therefore makes it a lot worse than it really is. This behaviour can definitely fit in to the nostalgia theme as well for me. I guess it’s a hard topic to leave behind…

 What can you tell us about the new material you’re working on, and will it follow a similar theme to your new single?

 Hmm, it’s hard to say because I never decide in what direction my music should go. I just follow my innermost creativity. I bought some great synths that I keep close to my desk so yeah, I use them a lot now… It’s that simple

 Your music has evolved in such a wonderful way over the years, and the story you’ve been telling is a lot like life in the way it ebbs and flows. Was this on purpose, or was it more of a happy accident?

 I’m guessing it’s part of the natural flow. I’ve always spent a lot of time in my studio, doing most of the stuff myself so I constantly evolve in my songwriting and production skills. Also as a technician I learn new things almost every day. Lyric-wise I tend to tell very personal stories most of the time so that is definitely a big part of what my life is. ups and downs.

 Are you now living in a different ‘musical world,’ as you put it in our last interview, or do you stay in the same ‘world’ and travel from ‘country’ to ‘country,’ for lack of a better term?

 To stay in that same analogy, I think I kind of go to the airport and just jump on the first available flight… with some destinations on the “nope list”, I guess. I still bring my friend Måns Mernsten with me most of the time, though. And on this last track I partnered up with Anders Grahn again, with the songwriting. (co writer of “The Fiddlers” and “Maggie and Al” )

 Are you strictly in recording mode again, or can we expect more tours from you? (please come to New York sometime soon haha!)

 I tour a little all the time. I never go on big, long tours because of many reasons. However, I am working on getting myself over to the States as soon as possible. Unfortunately it’s very expensive and kind of a drag to get a work visa and stuff like that, but I’ll be there, for sure.

 Where’s the latest place you’ve been recording, and what kind of feelings does it evoke?

 I did some songwriting and vocal takes in London recently, and that got me mad inspired because I never go outside the comfort zone of my own studio back in Malmö. I might have to go do that again, soon…

There you have it, folks. Fans of Tingsek’s music have even more to be excited about with a new slate of tunes on the way and [eventually] some tour dates in the United States. What’s more, Tingsek also released a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Halo” to go along with his new original tune. You can listen to that  below.

Once again, thanks to Magnus for taking the time to chat with us, and we’re eagerly anticipating his subsequent releases! Our featured image comes courtesy of jensnordstrom.

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