Times Square Spider-Man Saves The Day

If you’ve ever been to my favorite place on earth, NYC, then you know all about the dudes and dudettes dressed up as comic book heroes, Sesame Street characters etc. that run about Times Square. In recent history they’ve been a real nuisance, but your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man wants to to change that.

The would-be villain was a bother to the civilians of Spidey’s native New York; harassing shoppers, tourists and pedestrians. Our masked vigilante had enough and did the only thing Spider-Man would do in this situation, you know, if he didn’t have his super powers or his web shooters. He beat the piss out of him. Last time Spider-Man did something like this in Time Square he was on the wrong side of the law, but there are always tons of impersonators and this time we got there real McCoy.

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