Three Ways To Block Political Opinions On Facebook

Do you love social media, but hate politics? Will one more article on how Adventure Time is some sort of metaphor for the Reagan administration make you want to gauge your eyes out? Well, Facebook is planning to help you out by offering you not one, nor two, but three ways to block political news posts on its platform.

Ahem, FAKE NEWS. Not our good, wholesome reports that we actually research with cited sources…sometimes multiple cited sources…I just can’t get enough of sources!

And so your back-up plans of fleeing civilization can wait another six months or so.

The first is a Google Chrome extension called “Remove All Politics From Facebook.” Reportedly, it works by disabling trending news on the site. Unfortunately, it does nothing to protect you from memes — bummer. Obviously, it also only works if you use Google Chrome, but, let’s be honest, if you’re still using Internet Explorer after all these years then you are clearly beyond even my help.

Sure, this meme’s an oldie, but a goodie.

Second, there is the “Social Fixer” extension plugin, which even works on multiple platforms. Supposedly, it works by blocking specific keywords, authors, or applications, and so can be used for things beyond politics. This one sounds more like a “block everything in the world” extension, which ain’t a bad idea.

Whoever wrote this clearly has friends in high places, yet is naive enough to think the hoopla would end after the election?

The third option is to simply hide posts or unfollow users who post too many political memes for your liking. The benefit is that Facebook automatically takes notice and ensures you stop receiving similar posts in the future. In other words, Facebook has become self-aware and we should run for the damn hills.

Curse you, Zuckerberg!


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