This Map Shows That The Rent Is Too Damn High!

The cost of living is pretty damn expensive. People in major cities know that, but just how costly is it to live in the United States on minimum wage? The answer is simple; too damn expensive. Most people will tell you to move or find a roommate if you can’t afford where you’re living, but it turns out that moving won’t do you jack.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition asserts thats there’s no state in the U.S. where an individual working a minimum wage job can afford to rent a one bedroom place on the salary of a 40-hour work week without doling out more than 30% of their income to their rent. This map shows just how many hours you’d need to work while being paid minimum wage to afford such a place.


Yeah, not good. Essentially, you’re screwed wherever you go. Even with higher minimum wages, San Fransisco’s is $12.15 and will soon be $15 an hour, there’s still no way to afford rent on that budget. In fact, you’d need to be making roughly $32 an hour to afford rent for a one-bedroom place on a 40-hour work week. That’s still more than you’ll be paid in most entry level positions at NBC, ESPN, FOX and more. So if you’re a low income American the market is rigged against you and you’ll be forced to work extremely hard to get by unless you buddy up. And that may not even be enough.


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