This Is What Our Favorite Cartoon Characters Look Like Today

ISAIAH STEPHENS, an online artist, did what we’ve always wished: reimagined our favorite cartoons from when we were younger and brought them to modern times. The results are amazing, but I do have some problems with a few of the visualizations…

Wait… What happened to Arnold’s big, FOOTBALL head?!



Dexter is a BADASS.


I never really watched the Powerpuff Girls, but all of them look like they can kick some MAJOR ass.



I think this one is the most accurate so far, no?


Boogedy-woogedy-handshake! (Where’s Otto’s long, curly locks, though?!)


Was it just me or did anyone else absolutely HATE this show?


Was this a 90s cartoon? 


Nigel, the Dad, was always my favorite character. 


Check out more of Isaiah Stephen’s work here!!

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