This Dude Made A Real-Life Captain America Shield

Captain America fans know all about Cap’s shield, which is so important to his character that it’s even in his damn theme song.

His costume has changed over time, but the shield has always remained a part of the getup. In Captain America: Winter Soldier an adjustment was made that allowed Cap to have his shield return to him like a Batarang via the use of electromagnets. The Tony Stark-contructed device, also seen in Captain America: Civil War, prompted a DIYer called The Hacksmith to make a Cap shield of his own.

Alright, so he didn’t make the actual shield, that was left up to Machina Props, but he did show us how to make the electromagnets.

The magnets used in the video can lift up to 260 pounds, but overheat after extended use. The magnetic force also drops off dramatically when over a foot or so from anything magnetic. That said, you can still make your own Cap shield and electromagnets using the guides they’ve put up. You can also check out more video on their YouTube.

It’s all must-watch content for you wannabe superheroes! But seriously, be careful and don’t do this stuff unless you’re being supervised by some genius who actually knows what the hell is going on.

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