This Dude Is The Most Badass Hairdresser Out There

Getting a haircut is usually a pretty standard affair. You go in, have a chat with your barber or hairdresser, get your ears lowered and get outta there. If you live in Madrid, however, you might do things a little differently.

Spanish stylist Alberto Olmedo has been dubbed the real life Edward Scissorhands for his use of samurai swords, claws and blowtorches to create ‘mathematically exact’ dos. Seriously, he’s as legit as it gets.

Those of you looking for something exciting and new to do with your hair, hah see what I did there… do… right, sorry. Those of you who’re looking for a new style and a more exciting haircut should take a trip out to Madrid, where this badass does his business. Wonder if he’ll wind up on an episode of Game of Thrones anytime soon.

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