Now You Can Buy A Disney Princess Costume For Men

In the States, boys tend to dress up like superheroes for Halloween and girls tend to dress like princesses. When they grow up, boys tend to dress up like something ironic, because God is biding his time before the hipsters are put in their place, and women tend to dress in something coquettish, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

But the times, they are ‘a changing, and now men are getting their own Disney Princess costumes for the holiday.


Jerry Lewis did it first, but you have to give the peasants a few years to catch up.

Behold the Disney… Princes? Wait, no, the Disney Princess’s husbands are already that. Well, know them by their names: Bro White, Cinderfella, Sleeping Boozy, Beauty is a Beast, and Jas-man.


While barefoot Jas-man seems to be the odd one out, shoes actually do not come with the costumes, and, seriously, you’d think Cinderfella would at least get glass boots or something.

In addition, men are advised to “Add a huge cigar and give it that masculine touch.” I don’t think they are official Disney products, so don’t quote me saying that they were involved. Still, this isn’t the weirdest possible combination that can be accomplished when it comes to Disney’s leading ladies.


What has been seen cannot be unseen.

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