These Alternative Lighthouses Are Works Of Art

In 2012 the Costa Concordia was tipped on its side in Tuscan waters. Fortunately, the ship was salvaged courtesy of an unprecedented 19-hour salvage effort that was truly a marvel of modern engineering. A platform called matterbetter, which hosts design and architectural contests, ran a competition to design a new lighthouse concept that would occupy the space where the Concordia capsized. The following images will show the winning ideas, as well as some honorable mentions. The winning concepts come complete with jury comments.

And The Winners Are…


3rd place: 240820 / Matteis Valentino Danilo, Daniele Dimitris Michele / Italy

Here’s what the jury had to say:

Certainly a new expression and interesting spatial experience. The idea considers the lighthouse not as a building but as an experience through exploration, a real story beginning from the approach. The long path goes slowly under the sea, then connects to a large horizontal water circle floating on the sea where visitors can rest with feet in the water. The light-beam glowing vertically from the center of circle connecting the sea and the sky, is strong and dramatic. Only the light appears in the landscape (everything is hidden or horizontal) instead of the usual vertical architecture. – Emmanuelle Moureaux


2nd place: 222812 / Lý Thanh Hoàng Phúc, Nguyễn Xuân Trang, Trịnh Tiến Vinh , Nguyễn Đình Anh Huy, Đỗ Thị Vành Khuyên / Vietnam

Here’s what the jury had to say:

This project is dense with significance as it sets the right questions forward: what is a lighthouse today and how can this trigger awareness of the surrounding? These quests are, in themselves, sustainable. The proposal is well illustrated and, simply, describes functionality on a 24 hours cycle. Aesthetically unique, the proposal exhibits an interesting transformation between the traditional image of lighthouse and a more adaptive design which includes various programs and responds to diverse contemporary purposes. – Cristina C. Murphy


1st place: 292292 / Gwizdala Andrzej / Adrien Mans/Poland/ Belgium


Here’s what the jury had to say:

Very interesting concept with beautiful expression. The idea of a “dispersed” lighthouse composed of “lines” totally redefines the typology of lighthouse, which is usually built as a massive and solid architecture. Composed of thin lines whom density increases growing toward the sea, the structure appears beautifully during the day. At night, all the lines light up and fragments of thin lights connect the sea and the coast in a dramatic yet poetic way. The idea creates more than a lighthouse, it creates a “lightscape”. – Emmanuelle Moureaux

Honorable Mentions


987136 / Francesco Proto, Ben Cornell, Christopher Green / Italy & United Kingdom


695314 / Thomas Hopkins, Petr Esposito / United Kingdom


651504 / Jonathan Connerney, Matthew Kernan, Brettt Mahon / Ireland & United Kingdom


419433 / Liina Soosaar, Clément Godry, Melissa Mazzola, Enzo Nercolini / Estonia


406672 / Gary Nash / United Kingdom


316582 / Yang Tsin / United States

If it were up to me, I’d build every single one of these. The designs that these lads came up with are absolutely stunning and even if they’re not used as lighthouses I’d want them around just for fun. They’re fucking magical.

Via: Gizmodo, matterbetter

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