There’s Something Up With Cristiano Ronaldo’s Statue

When you’re one of the greatest soccer players to ever play the game it’s only natural that they erect a statue in your hometown, erect being the key word … but we’ll get to that in a bit. That’s what recently happened for Real Madrid’s Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. On the back of his Ballon d’Or and Champions League winning year the mercurial forward was immortalized in bronze. Ronaldo is practically a shoo-in to win his third Ballon d’Or in January and even if he doesn’t he can take solace in having his own bloody statue. While that’s all well and good it’s important that we point out something odd on the statue.



Insert penis joke here. For starters I’m not a Barca fan just looking to poke fun at Ronaldo, but I’m no Madrid fan either so you can be assured that my judgement is impartial. I quite like Ronaldo as a player because of his hard work, dedication and flat out ability-minus the dives and constant whining-but c’mon, man! Do you really need a statue with a massive bulge?!  Guess it’s not enough to have dated the sexiest women in the world, be voted the best player in the world and be voted the most fit man in the world, huh? The face doesn’t even look a damn thing like him and one would figure, since he’s so pretty, that the face would be the most important part.



You win again, Cristi.Wonder if he had a say in the anatomy. Understandably there’s been a great deal of banter on Twitter regarding the statue’s member.

Via Mashable and Deadspin

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