The Crew - Viral Pirate



Jason is captain of the Viral Pirate crew. The co-founder and editor chief of VP also handles site maintenance, design, human resources and, occasionally, social media accounts. The New York-based captain is a supporter of Liverpool FC and spends his free time telling bad jokes to his cats.



Wesley acts as one of two first mates aboard the VP command ship. The London-based, Philly-borne lad is our boy wonder who takes on audience insights, media and marketing strategy and social media management. If you can’t recite a single Arnold quote then don’t bother contacting him.



First mate Louis is Viral Pirate’s music liaison and business analyst. He acts as a consultant for our contacts in the music industry in addition to aiding content creation, editing and site development. The Austin-based lad is really keen on Futurama, but not flamingos. So keep ’em away.


If you’re keen on contacting any of these lads you can do so via Twitter, which is linked to their respective photos, or via email which is simply, and