The Simpsons Take On Pokemon GO!

‘Pokemon GO’ just won’t die, so let’s just have some fun and humor them for now, because another seemingly immortal property from the ’90s has decided to join forces with them.

And since this is, like, the fifteenth story I’ve written on those damn Pokemon, I’m not going to bother with the accent. I’ve earned it. Anyway, even The Simpsons have decided to hop on the bandwagon!

While the name of the game itself was not mentioned in the above clip, you can hear Homer Simpson namedrop some of the classic Pokemon. True blue fans noticed, however, that the scene is actually redubbed from scene from an earlier episode, “A Tree Grows in Springfield.” The original joke was about America’s obsession with the smartphone (called a MyPad in the show) and Homer was using it to find the best place to find churros in, going so far as to ask “What country is Mexico in?”

In hindsight, the fact that Homer is playing the game while sitting down could also have given it away, but this is Homer we’re talking about. He enjoys getting up and walking around as much as any sane person would in this day and age.

So, we might not be getting an episode on The Simpsons playing ‘Pokemon Go’ anytime soon. But, who knows, stranger things have happened…

Stranger things, indeed…


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