The Queen Of England Is Celebrating Her Second Birthday Today This Year

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, celebrated her 90th birthday this earlier year. Salve Regina! And to make it all the more newsworthy, this is her second birthday this year! And yes, we can explain that.

Although getting twice as many presents would be enough reason for anybody.

While the monarch is celebrating her day of days today, she was actually born in April. See, someone in her position can have two birthdays because when you’re the Queen you can do whatever the hell you want. Believe it or not, however, there actually is a reason beyond doubling the presents. It is traditional for the British monarchs to publicly celebrate their birthday, which also includes a parade, in the summer, due to unreliable British weather.

They said it, not me…

The tradition started with King George II, who was born in autumn (conflicting sources claim either October or November). Ironically, today would be an important anniversary to him, too, as he was made king on June 11, 1727. June 11 is not always the Queen’s second birthday; it was chosen this year as it needed to be on a Saturday. Whether or not it was done to coincide with England’s Euro 2016 match with Russia is something we’ll never know, but if they win then that’s a solid present.

As mentioned, the birthday is celebrated with a parade, which is officially known as the Trooping the Colour on Horse Guards Parade, and is based in London. The celebration doubles as an annual summer military cavalcade, which is probably another reason to celebrate in summer. Having a military fly-by in winter would just be stupid.

To think most people would find living near planes to be noisy.

For those wondering, the Queen’s celebration on her actual birthday is said to generally be quite a private affair. She was born in 1926, making her only five years older than William Shatner, who will probably out-live us all.

Unless they count it twice, and she’s really only 45.

Anyway, happy birthday to everyone who also celebrates their birthday, today. These people include American actor Peter Dinklage, Turkish-American health icon Dr. Oz and YouTube personality Dan Howell.


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