The Philadelphia Union Are Seeking A “Chief Tattoo Officer”

Athletes are generally seen sporting tattoos nowadays, and there are an incredible amount of bad tattoos out there in the sports world. Hell, some of the best players in the world sport the worst tattoos, just ask Lionel Messi or the Birdman… the basketball player, not the rapper.

That said, being inked up is seemingly part of being an athlete in the modern game and Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union gets that more than anyone, apparently. As you read in the header, the Union are seeking a Chief Tattoo Officer, probably to ensure their players stop getting awful ink.

The listing reads as such, for those whom are interested:

“Tattoos are a vital part of sport, fan and supporter culture. Just as tattoos are for life, fans choose a club to passionately support for life. As our club grows, players and staff are joining the Union from geographies outside of Philadelphia. Given their love for tattoos and unfamiliarity with their new city, they often look for guidance in seeking a new, local artist.

As a result, The Philadelphia Union are seeking their first resident tattoo artist (or full shop of artists).

Our CTO, Chief Tattoo Officer, will be responsible for providing services to players and front office staff.

Occasionally, fan events will also be held with the CTO for the most loyal fans who want a tattoo to represent their passion for their favourite soccer club, the Union.

Skillset –

Minimum 5 years experience (post-apprenticeship)

Diverse skillset as needed by clientele including American Traditional, Realism, Japanese and more

Must enjoy tattooing snake designs (after all, we have a snake in our crest)”

So, if you enjoy tattooing snake designs and want to work with footy players then this one might be for you. I figure you’d also have to be located in Philly, but maybe there’ll be travel involved, so give ’em a shout.

You’d also have the incredible distinction of being the first ever Chief Tattoo Officer, which is pretty damn cool. What’s cool about this is that it makes it seem as though the stigma associated with having tattoos seems to be waning just a wee bit. Granted, this job is mainly dedicated to assisting the players and staff of the team and isn’t always fan-facing, but still. It’s a new and innovative position that could get other artists employed in a major way, and we’re all about that.

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