The Oculus Rift Sold Out In Record Time

We previously reported that Oculus is giving away free headsets to those who backed their Kickstarter campaign and those folks can count their lucky stars. Why? Because the Oculus Rift sold out in record time.


The highly anticipated VR system should will be hitting shelves in March and pre-orders for the Facebook-owned virtual reality console are also live. However, you might find it quite difficult to get your hands on one. The first stock of $599 Oculus Rift displays sold out in just 14 minutes, which just goes to show how hyped people are about this technology. This is good news for PlayStation VR, who will likely experience similar success with their product when it launches.

Sony CEO Andrew House has already come out and said that the PlayStation VR will cost around $400, and since it’s on a different platform than Oculus Rift you might even see people own both. It’s going to be very interesting to see how both products are received and what direction virtual reality takes over the next dew years. It’s likely that every major entertainment system will get in on the game at some point, and maybe it’s not a bad thing that Nintendo and others are holding off for now. Those groups will be able to sit back and learn from the successes and failures of Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.


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