Star Wars Meets James Bond In This Incredible Title Sequence

The above video looks like a professionally rendered piece that was likely done by a Hollywood design company. However, it was actually a student’s final project.

Kurt Rauffer spent four months putting together what’s easily one of the best title sequences I’ve ever seen, and I’m just going to assume he got an A on the project. In an interview with Premium Beat, he explained that he used “Cinema 4D with Octane to model and build the scenes. World Machine for building the environments. Due was used a bit for rendering out HDRIs and sky maps.” He finished it off in After Effects.

Everything in the video, save for the snowspeeder and Luke’s texture, was built by Rauffer, who now works for Microsoft as a motion designer for the design direction team. We highly recommend that you keep tabs on his website, his Vimeo and his blog to keep up to date with his latest works.

This video really makes me wish they used that Radiohead song for the SPECTRE theme.

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