Steve Hussey And Jake Eddy Nail It With “The Miller Girl” Release

The fiery bluegrass-influenced duo Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy are back with an EP that’s ready to rock your socks off. Released November of 2016, The Miller Girl is a killer compilation of true country and bluegrass vibes, driven by the lovely sounds of classic banjo and twangy vocals.

The duo goes full force, bringing a record to the table that is unique, soulful, and well-written thanks to the songwriting abilities of Steve and talented guitarist Jake. Their first single “Into the Ether” sets the tone for rest of the record and is a standout track. Its heartfelt lyrics dig into a story of lost love and shattered dreams, symbolizing a relatable theme; the feeling of needing to escape reality for a while.

The record is quite an accomplishment for the duo. It is the effortlessness feel of blended country and bluegrass genres that make The Miller Girl such a lovely listen. All of these elements bring together listeners without one genre or style ever overshadowing another. For those who enjoy the musical stylings of Ryan Adams, the Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell and Old Crow Medicine show, you’ll definitely want to add Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy to your playlists.

Anyone who’s into bluegrass and country music should give this duo a listen! You will not be disappointed.