Marissa Meyer’s “The Lunar Chronicles” Is Getting A Comic Spin-Off

Remember way back in 2015 when we had an interview with Marissa Meyer regarding her book series, “The Lunar Chronicles”? Well if you don’t then give that a read. Anyhow… readers just couldn’t get enough of what has been described as “Star Wars, but with Disney Princesses” and we completely understand why.

We thought Meyer was all ending with “Winter,” but instead we are getting another edition of her work and it’s a graphic novel titled Wires And Nerve.

There’s also a coloring book out there available in bookstores near you!

From what we can gather, the new book is a sequel to the original’s story-line, with everyone’s favorite moon-princess, Cinder (or should I say Selene) having regained the throne from the villainous, witch-like Queen Levana. Unfortunately, Cinder and her friends forgot one important detail during the whole ordeal — the Queen’s hybrid soldiers are still left on Earth, and they are hungry for human flesh.

Meyer took care of the graphic novel’s story and Doug Holgate has been working on the artwork. The Feiwel & Friends-published book will go on sale January 31, 2017… which is tomorrow, at least as of the time of this post, but an excerpt can be seen in the slideshow above and larger versions exist below the drop.

Update: After the book’s release, we have learned that a sequel book is planned.

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