The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Getting A Manga

You Zelda fans out there surely know all about the previous Legend of Zelda mangas, so you’ll be pleased to know that there’s another one on the way.

Earlier manga adaptions have been about Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and even A Link To The Past, but this one will have Twilight Princess as the subject. The manga is set to launch in Japan on Feb. 8 exclusively on Shogakukan’s MangaOne app — this according to the artist’s official website. Other than that we don’t know how long the series will run and when it will be available in other languages, as it’s only been confirmed to be accessible for Japanese readers thus far.

The manga will be written and illustrated by artist duo Akira Himekawa, who worked on the Ocarina of Time manga we mentioned earlier. They’ve even worked on a short series based on Skyward Sword, so these lads are the pair you want working on a Zelda manga. Twilight Princess will also be receiving an HD remastering in March, so the timing of the manga was perfect. Well done, chaps.

Wonder if this will lead to another failed attempt at a Zelda tv show, or Zelda cereal.



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