The Last Shadow Puppets’ New Album Is Almost Here

Earlier this month some of the coolest dudes in music, The Last Shadow Puppets, released the music video for their new track Bad HabitsNow they’ve dropped the release date for their upcoming album and given the release date.

The dynamic duo of Alex Turner and Miles Kane recorded Everything You’ve Come To Expect in Malibu’s Shangri La Studio. The album is set to drop on April 1, so we’re really hoping this isn’t some sick April Fool’s joke.


The follow up to their 2008 debut album will be highly anticipated and the band joked to NME  about how they’ve grown in the last eight years, saying that they’ve “gone from The Beatles to The Fast and The Furious.” When you look at photos and videos of the two you can certainly see what they’re talking about. Anyway, the track listing is as follows:

1 Aviation
2 Miracle Aligner
3 Dracula Teeth
4 Everything  You’ve Come To Expect
5 The Element Of Surprise
6 Bad Habits
7 Sweet Dreams, TN
8 Used To Be My Girl
9 She Does The Woods
10 Pattern
11 The Dream Synopsis

If the tone of the album is similar to that of the first then expect some James Bond sounding tunes mixed in there. Dunno about you, but we’re excited for this one… obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t bother writing about it.


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