The Koch Brothers Have An Extensive Ring Of Spies

Public opinion of the Koch brothers is heavily decided, but the billionaire brothers have some major PR work to do now that their political surveillance operation has been exposed. That’s right, two of the most powerful men in the United States, Charles and David Koch, secretly created an spy agency that gathers intelligence on their liberal opponents in attempts to reshape American pubic life. Basically, it confirms this theory proposed in Rush Hour 2.

Tell me I’m wrong, go ahead! Anyway, Koch Industries and the Koch brothers are heavily involved in politics and have spent upwards of $100 million on the 2016 election alone. In fact, all of the money they’ve donated has gone towards conservative and libertarian policy advocacy groups. Now to the good stuff.

The Koch ring of spies is a 25-man team that includes a former CIA analyst and is based in Arlington, Va. The group is pretty damn high-tech and collects high-profile information regarding voter-mobilization plans by major Democrat-aligned groups. POLITICO interviewed six sources with knowledge of the group and reviewed documents revealing that the crack team sends regular emails tracking “canvassing, phone-banking and voter-registration efforts of labor unions, environmental groups and their allies.” Yeah, so anything that the Democrats are doing to better themselves is being noted and assessed by the Koch surveillance group with hopes of thwarting the Democratic movement.

Marc Short, president of Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, the network’s central group, wasn’t keen on commenting the group’s tracking efforts and declined to comment on the intelligence team. However, he did note that the Koch network has been working tirelessly to rebound from the “disappointment” of the 2012 election that saw President Obama get re-elected. The $100 million that we referenced earlier is just the tip of the iceberg, as the group plans to spend a whopping $889 million by November 2016.

“We were caught off guard by what the left was doing in 2012, and we’d be foolish to be caught in that position again,”

The scary thing about this is that the Koch brothers don’t want to win elections; they want to change American politics, government and the whole damn society to reflect their free enterprise philosophies. Spreading your ideas is one thing, but spending over $400 million to attack Democratic politicians and policies is just overkill. And, like any proper spying agency, the Koch network monitors potential threats to itself. That’s right, they track outside groups and keep an eye on their own people because they’re really paranoid that there could be a mole in their midst.


Don’t think I’m serious? Well, there was this one instance with an IT contractor who was posting anonymous messages to Reddit saying that he worked for the Koch brothers and hated their political stances. The contractor, who was working for one of the network’s groups, was sniffed out and has his contract terminated within 48 hours… Batman style. Also, serious props to Brave New Films for making that awesome design we used as our featured image.

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