Businessman Coaches Spanish Soccer Team As A Bet

Sports bets usually aren’t all that exciting and generally just involve the transfer of money from one party to another depending on the results of the bet. This particular gamble, however, is just a touch different from your standard bet.

This bet involves one of the parties coaching a team.

Scottish businessman John Clarkson, who owns a chain of care homes in East Anglia, made  little sporting bet with third tier Spanish side CD Tudelano’s current club president Jesus Miranda. The bet was as follows:

Clarkson paid Miranda £150,000 to become the club’s manager, and he’ll get his money back if he gets the side promoted to the second division.

“The best way to describe his offer is that it is an economic sports bet.” Miranda said. “The Scottish businessman has big plans for this club. His goal is to get to the second league within two years…The fans might think this is just a hobby of extravagance for him, but he is a fully fledged coach with all his badges.”

He then went on to outline the parameters of the bet in a bit more detail:

“He is paying money to do a sports project – he is not taking over the club… He came in and told us that he would get us sponsorship and sort out the club’s debts. And in return, he coaches the team for free.” he said.

“He will invest £50,000 for the first season and £100,000 for the second season. He’s told us that if he wins us promotion within that time, he will be refunded his money. If he does not, we keep it… It’s a very unusual and exciting proposal.”

Sounds fun enough, right? Well yeah… if the club weren’t in a bit of a sticky wicket as it were. According to the Daily Record, CD Tudelano owe their players money, and they owe Spanish tax authorities somewhere around £175,000.

But if there’s anyone who can turn their fortunes around it just might be Clarkson, as the 60-year-old has prior experience as a coach, manager, director of football and even as an  owner of lower league clubs in both England and Spain.

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