Those Blasted Furbies Are Getting Their Own Movie

In the ’90s, there were a line of dolls called Furbies — talking dolls that resembled what would happen if owls got it on with some hamsters. They spoke in some weird language called Furbish and there were even reports of evil ones.

Over time they would learn to speak in English. Idiot children would think the dolls were parroting what they said, when they were probably just programmed to speak English over a period of time. They proved so popular that they were once banned by the National Security Agency of the United States due to clearly being Russian spies. The NSA may not have been too far off, because those blasted Furbies have weaseled their way into Hollywood.

I wanted to ask just what is the plural of “Furby,” but then I realized I don’t want to contemplate there being more than one of them.

Bob Weinstein confirmed the picture being in development at the American Film Market, saying, “I’m rolling the dice and playing for hits.” Meaning that they are completely aware of how esoteric this whole affair is. It is to be expected that this is all trying to cash in on the upcoming Trolls movie.

Given that the latter has not even been released yet, meaning they have no way of knowing how financially sound it will be, and the film seems utterly divorced from the toy-line it is meant to replicate. One can only wonder what crosses the minds of film executives. And haven’t we learned our lesson from Funzo?

To be fair, it was also meant to be a kick in the teeth to Tickle Me Elmo.

There was a 2005 made-for-television movie called Furby Island which followed a bunch of children who explored the titular Island. Produced by an indie animation company based somewhere in Florida, it can be hard to find, but a clear, if edited, clip can be watched below.

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