The Code That Can Disable iPhone Messages

Having technology these days is a blessing and a curse. Kids stay inside and play video games, we go to ‘hang out’ and just stay on our phones the whole time, and we’re becoming less social as a whole. So what happens when you’re sitting there on your iPhone and all of a sudden you get a text that totally disables your messages and, in some cases, crashes your phone? I’d be cool with it and have no problem tossing the sucker into a brick wall, but I’m pretty certain that most of us would freak out. No, this isn’t a hypothetical situation, this is actually happening.

Apple users have recently discovered a string of characters that, when received, lock you out of your messaging app and can even crash your phone. Cyber attack!! Kind of, but not entirely. Obviously people are using this newfound code just to  be dicks, but it should be noted that the effect becomes null when the sender follows up the code with another message. Problem is, some of these punks won’t send another message and are content with leaving your phone as a phone without texting capabilities *GASP* what will we ever do? these characters will disable Apple phones regardless of whether they’re sent via iMessage or SMS, so that means anyone can ruin your day.

Not all is lost if this happens to you, though. In some cases you can undo the lock by your own power. If you have a Mac and the message was sent by someone with an Apple product using iMessage then open the conversation using the messages app on your mac and just reply with absolutely anything. You can also undo this by using the share sheet or by asking Siri to send a message to whoever sent you the debilitating text.

As of right now there’s no patch for this, so until Apple release a fix all you can really do is hope you never get this text, or if you have, get all da Vinci like and figure out how to unlock it.

Via The Verge

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